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cash flows , accounts receivable, invoice finance

Accounting Tips – Understanding Your Business Cash Flows

Cash flows are the net amount of cash and cash-equivalents that is being transferred into and out of a business. They...

company liquidity , current ratio

Analysing Your Company’s Liquidity

Current ratio (CR) is a company’s liquidity ratio that measures a business’ liquidity or ability to pay short-term and long-term obligations....

help business grow debt ratio accounting 101

Understanding Debt Ratio Can Help Your Business Grow

Debt ratio is a solvency ratio that measures the extent of a company’s financial leverage. It shows a macro-level view of...

Chinese New Year Affect Your Business

How can the Chinese New Year Affect Your Business?

During Chinese New Year (CNY), the Chinese in mainland China tend to have a celebration that lasts for about 20 days....

Optimise Accounts Receivable

Accounting Tips – How to Optimise Accounts Receivable?

In this articie, we will be exploring how best to optimise accounts receivable by first understand what it is and its...

xero integration invoiceinterchange cash flow invoice finance online

Xero-InvoiceInterchange Partnership brings ease to Small Business Finance

Introducing the Xero-InvoiceInterchange Partnership   A new Xero-InvoiceInterchange partnership is paving the way for small businesses to quickly and easily fund...