This year the Singapore economic outlook is not so bright and traditional lenders are pulling back on overdrafts, credit lines and business loans.  Many SMEs’ cash flow is now being squeezed.  Turning to Alternative Finance can be the cash flow solution that can help bridge the funding gaps.


Alternative Finance – cash flow solution


Fast: Alternative Finance operates much faster than the traditional lenders.  Applications are usually approved within days rather than weeks or months.  This is because Alternative Finance has much less bureaucracy and its processing is much more digitalised.  The business model and the technology of Alternative Finance are built to particularly meet the SMEs’ needs.


Flexible: Alternative Finance offers the flexibility that traditional lenders are not able to offer.  They do not have long term contracts or complex fee structure. This makes it very attractive for SMEs.  Businesses no longer have to be tied into contracts and various hidden costs.  This flexibility returns much more control back to the SMEs


Competitive price:  Alternative Finance offers very competitive pricing compared to the traditional lenders.


We are seeing the trend of more Singapore’s savvy SMEs turning to Alternative Finance as it is faster, more flexible and competitively priced. SMEs are now benefitting from having a much better control of their cash flow as well as financing costs.



How does InvoiceInterchange work?


InvoiceInterchange is a peer-to-peer (P2P) Alternative Finance provider, offering invoice financing service where SMEs can turn unpaid invoices into immediate cash by auctioning their invoices through our online invoice trading platform.  Our network of investors will bid against each other in real time, driving down the cost to you and ensuring that you will get the best offer you can get for your invoices.

Our business model is very simple. Businesses are able to choose which invoice(s) they want to sell and when they want to sell.  There are no lock-in contracts and no hidden costs.  Our dealing is very transparent.  It is purely a pay-as-you-go service.  SMEs pay nothing when the service is not used. We transfer cash to SMEs account in as fast as 24 hours.

Our business model provides SMEs a fast and flexible way to obtain cash to boost its working capital. Without a doubt, a healthy working capital enables businesses to be able to purchase more goods/inventory or secure the new contract. without having to worry about its cash sufficiency.

InvoiceInterchange strives to support SMEs’ growth by providing a cash flow solution which is simple and fast.


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