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Invest in a new asset class, Receivables Trading – secure, short term (30-90 days) and with great returns

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InvoiceInterchange provides private and institutional investors an alternative investment opportunity in a previously inaccessible asset-class i.e. Trade Receivables.

Investors will have the ability to deploy short-term capital into a large marketplace of Singapore business-to-business trade receivables that delivers a secure and high rate of return, opening up a new asset class that was previously only available to the banks and independent invoice discount providers.


Typical Invoice features

SMEs: Fast growing Singapore businesses who sell to large customers

Trade Debtors: Credit worthy large entities (e.g. MNC, public listed, government)

InvoiceInterchange, an alternative finance to local SMEs. We offer investors direct investment access to the trade receivables asset class that:

  • Is short-term/liquid: between 30 – 90 days
  • Has attractive returns: between gross 10% – 20% annualised
  • Has low risks: only qualified invoices


invoice finance, invoice trading, investment, alternative investment, investment in Singapore1. FUND YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT

Deposit funds into your client account to bid.

invoice finance, invoice trading, investment, alternative investment, investment in Singapore2. PLACE BID TO PURCHASE INVOICE

Place bids according to your preferred bidding parameters.

invoice finance, invoice trading, investment, alternative investment, investment in Singapore3. ENJOY YOUR RETURNS

When invoices get settled we credit your client account.

Risk / Return

Industry return vs. average return for our platform.
(describing the ‘high yields’)

Fixed Deposits 0.15% p.a.
Corporate Bonds 2.5% – 4% p.a.
Trade Receivables                                   10% – 20% p.a.

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Is this for me?

We welcome all investors from across the globe.

Some of our global community of investors are:

  • Family offices
  • Asset managers
  • Asset based lenders
  • Finance professionals
  • High networth accredited investors

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