Fintech is in the forefront of progress.  Being vibrant and innovative they are nimble and quick to adopt the latest in technological advancement. They are already at the forefront of adopting Blockchain, AI, Biometrics and Identity management.

PWC global fintech report

FinTech excels in improving efficiencies and reducing costs, enhancing security and making processes much simpler, resulting in better customer experience. Financial Services on the other hand have still to overcome the challenges of instilling innovation into their organisation.  They are bogged down with complex regulations and governance issues. These processes not only distract management from their main business but can be very expensive costing the world’s largest banks up to SGD 5.2 billion per annum.



Fintech and Banks

Mainstream Financial Service strongly believe their business will be negatively affected by Fintech. 80% believe their businesses are at risk and 88% are increasingly concerned of losing business to standalone Fintech. It is forecasted that more and more consumers will adopt non-traditional service providers for their needs.  This is especially so in the payments, funds transfer and personal finance sector. The business at risk to the Financial Service sector is estimated to be a staggering 24% of revenues!


pwc 2017 business at risks to fintech

Financial service incumbents have long adopted a strategy of closely monitoring Fintech and how they are changing the way business is done and hoping to respond. But most fail to respond appropriately. Some institutions are even rethinking whether their fundamental role as a provider of capital should evolve to being an enabler of financial services.



Partnership between Fintech and Banks

Financial Service have finally come to terms with the emerging Fintech.  Instead of looking at each other with suspicion they are forging partnerships and teaming up.  Financial Service is bringing into their fold the ecosystem of Fintech they being disruptive but innovative into their mist and thereby kickstarting the crucial innovation culture within their organisation. These new relationship results in powerful synergies, creating not only innovative culture but  assimilating new technology and driving changes quickly for the big incumbents thereby acquiring  products and  services that is satisfy to its customer.  In such a partnership Fintech gain from the institution the much-needed large pool of customers as well as ready capital and resources. In addition, the Fintech will be acquired a reputable brand that will make it easier to attract people of calibre to join the company. Such partnership between Financial services and Fintech has grown at a rate of 32% in 2016 to 45% in 2017.

PWC global fintech report bank partnership


Fintech is Transforming Banks

In conclusion, the way Financial Services does it business will totally change within 5 years. The key to survival is the prioritising of the innovation process.  Financial Service that do not Innovate will find themselves left far behind. And the key instruments that will propel the organisation in the journey of innovation, setting up of dedicated teams to evaluate emerging new technologies, building partnerships with Fintech and eventually integrate, instil an IT culture that is agile and seamless, listening to the customers and fostering a company culture that encourages innovation.



PWC, Global FinTech Report 2017, link



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