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improve creditworthiness

How to Improve Creditworthiness for Your Business

One of the biggest challenges that SMEs face is to obtain funding for their businesses.  Businesses need funding for a variety...

world fintech report 2017

World Fintech Report 2017 – Capgemini

The following summarises the World Fintech Report 2017, published by Capgemini in Q2, 2017.   1. Rise of the Fintech Movement...

online financing

Online Solutions for Businesses

Our present world is becoming more connected than ever, and we have technology to thank. Technology has revolutionised enterprises of all...

invoice discounting

Does Your Business Need Invoice Discounting?

Invoice discounting (or accounts receivable financing), is a form of short term financing method where businesses are able to unlock cash flow...

global fintech performance 2017

Global FinTech Performance for the First Quarter in 2017

FinTech investment got off to a quiet start in 2017. According to CB Insights Global Fintech Performance report, VC-Backed FinTech companies...

alternative capital

Raising Alternative Working Capital

Invoiceinterchange have just concluded an event held at Paypal Innovation Hub last Thursday. The topic this time was on Raising Alternative...