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How does Invoice Discounting work?

Invoice Discounting: Overview Invoice discounting is a form of short term financing source where a business is able to receive cash...

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How online solutions are helping SMEs?

SMEs are the life blood of the economy, contributing over 50% of the global GDP.   We had the privilege to work...

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DBS Hotspot Demo Day

Many thanks all for your support.  DBS Hotspot demo day was a blast.  Our CEO (Brian Teng) delivered our pitch on...

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Counting down to DBS Hotspot Demo Day!

It has been a very fruitful 3 months where we have been participating DBS Hotspot Pre-Accelerator programme 2015 (Singapore).  It is...

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Are you forecasting Your Cash flow?

Forecasting cash flow can be quite a daunting exercise. However, it is a critical task as businesses need to know when...

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How to negotiate credit terms with your customers

Credit terms or payment terms is applicable to all credit sales. The terms are offered by businesses to their customers. For...