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singapore fintech ecosystem ey report

Singapore Fintech Ecosystem : EY Report 18

Singapore Fintech Ecosystem 2018 Financial technology (FinTech) had undoubtedly gained a global presence in recent years. The Singapore FinTech Ecosystem playbook,...

current assets, accounts receivable finance,

How Important are Current Assets?

What are current assets? Current assets are balance sheet assets that can be readily converted into cash within one year or...

strong balance sheet, accounting 101, entrepreneur

What Does a Strong Balance Sheet Look Like?

What makes a healthy balance sheet? Balance sheet depicts a company’s financial health. It records all your business’ assets and debts;...

delayed payment

Payment Performance of Singapore’s businesses in Q3 2018

Why do firms pay late, intentionally? The idea of delayed payments is to balance the cash flow, so that there are...


The Official Launch of NTP, Our Integration Partner

Networked Trade Platform (NTP) is a national trade information management platform that provides the foundation for Singapore to be the world’s...

improve working capital invoiceinterchange

How To Improve Working Capital

Working capital is the capital a business uses in its daily trading operations. It refers to the difference between a company’s...