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Christmas Blackout Period, shortage working capital during holiday

Working Capital Shortage During Christmas Blackout Period

Christmas Blackout Period – What is it? In the months of December to March, SMEs often face working capital shortages otherwise...

improving cash flow

Improving Cash Flow inYour Business

Cash Flow Defined Cash flow consists of inflows (cash coming in to the company) minus your outflows (cash going out the...

supply chain finance solution

Supply Chain Finance Solution – InvoiceInterchange

Supply Chain Finance Solution Supply chain finance solution also known as supplier finance or reverse factoring solution – buyers, suppliers and...

supply chain finance nufin nemo invoiceinterchange

Supply Chain Finance Solution, NufinData Collaboration – InvoiceInterchange

This just in, the InvoiceInterchange team was present at the NEMO (Supply Chain Finance product) launch and signing ceremony at St....

Alternative Funding Options

Alternative Funding Options – Managing Cash Flow

Factoring is now considered an effective way for businesses to ease their cash flow problems. Small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME’s) often struggle...

Sell your invoice

Sell Your Invoice – Invoice Factoring

Since the advent of commerce, businesses have been adopting the buy-now and pay-later approach for their customers. With that, it allows...